Daniela Quilici lives and works between Paris and Caracas.






 « The method was through contact with nature, developed by circumstances. It is organized with sensations in a personal aesthetic »

Paul Cézanne

This thought comes from his obsession with his artwork " Mont Sainte-Victoire ", which is linked to its roots.

In my case, inspiration comes from nature and put it in their own aesthetic, but there is not only nature, is the fact of how I feel with her.
A nature that speaks to me, telling me things that I take very seriously.
I first heard this nature, which gives me thousands of informations, sometimes emotional, sometimes sensorial, I transfer it on paper.

I do not know if I want to convey any message, but I am sure that I have the need.
It's a need that is expressed without violence, it is an intuition that I have to get it, to watch, and structure.

The spontaneity of my work allows me to quickly create a large number of drawings, each one is a footprint of a specific time.
A series of drawings is like breathing, it stops when I get to the end of the breath, that inspire me again. Each drawing is a burst of energy, vivid and bright.

Sometimes the paper is not enough, I feel the need to work in volume, to feel the constraints of the material more actively, more concrete. More than an expression of emotion, these volumes are sensory experiences related to daydreams.

Explore the boundaries of each fragment, each perception. However, I remain committed to what I know, and after many tests, I turn my steps and I work on what I have always done: the drawing.

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Ateneo de Caracas - Caracas Venezuela.

2012 " LOS PEREZOSOS " CASA 22 - Caracas Venezuela.

Maracaibo's Fine Arts Center- Estate of Zulia Venezuela.

PP Hotel paseo las Mercedes - Caracas Venezuela.

2008 " DIBUJOS "
L MONO - Bilbao Spain.

2003 " ETRES DU CIEL "
Marché St honoré - Paris France.


2013 " El Arte se subasta por una sonrisa " HSJDD - Caracas Venezuela.

2013 " TIEMPO UNO " , " Salón Octubre joven " - Valencia Venezuela.

2013 Biennial I " Salón nacional del gabinete del dibujo y de la estampa ", catalog - Valencia Venezuela.

2013 " HASTA 30 " Gallery Parenthesis - Caracas Venezuela.

2013 " PIXELES " Gallery GBG ARTS - Caracas Venezuela.

2012 Open exhibition artist's workshop
19ème arrondissement - Paris France.

2012 " El Arte se subasta por una sonrisa " HSJDD - Caracas Venezuela.

2012 " REPOS SANS LIMITE " 6b FAR, Paris - France.

2012 " LOS ILUSORIOS " Jóvenes con Fia Caracas - Venezuela.

Art Fair FIA 2012
Gallery Parenthesis - Caracas Venezuela.

2012 " REPOS SOUS LA LIMITE " Velada de Santa Lucía, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

2011 " EN LA LINEA " Parenthesis Gallery, Los Galpones's Art Center - Caracas Venezuela.

2011 " ANIMALIA " David Suarez's Art Center- Caracas Venezuela.

2011 " HASTA 50 " Parenthesis Gallery, Los Galpones's Art Center - Caracas Venezuela.

2011 " BRIXTON " Viewfinder Gallery London UK.

2011 Fordham Gallery at MaddoxArts London UK.

2011 Workshop with FEDA students - Maracaibo Venezuela.

2010 " EL MARCO Y LA PANTALLA " Biennial, Mérida - Venezuela.

2010 " DIBUJOS " Daniela Quilici y Armando Ruiz
CarmenaraujoArte Gallery - Caracas Venezuela.

Art Fair FIA 2010
CarmenaraujoArte Gallery - Caracas Venezuela.

Art Fair BARRIO JOVEN 2010
CarmenaraujoArte Gallery - Buenos A. Argentina.

" Parcours artistique " 2010
Maison des Arts - Bagneux France.

2007 Workshop " Traverse92 " Maison des Arts - Bagneux France.

2006 ENSBA workshop Anne Rochette - Paris France.

2005 Open exhibition ENSBA - Paris France.

2004 Open exhibition artist's workshop 14ème arrondissement - Paris France.

2002 25 th and 26 nd painting, sculpture and graphics Arts from the Town Hall 14th arrondissement - Paris France.



2012  " ECLOSION " , Gabinete del dibujo y de la estampa, GDEV, Valencia , Venezuela.


2013 CARACAS HORIZONTAL « Caraca: gente de la hierba » de Andrés Pizzani + Daniela Quilici. ccshorizontal

                    ARTIST IN RESIDENCE

2012 Moly Sabata, Foundation Albert Gleizes - Les Sablons France.

2011 Foundation El Semillero - Maracaibo Venezuela.



2009 DNSAP DIPLOMA Ecole-Nationale-Supérieur des-Beaux Arts-de-Paris France (ENSBA).

2008 UPV ( Facultad de Bellas Artes País Vasco) Erasmus exchange scholarship Bilbao Spain.

2004 - 2008 DNAP DIPLOMA Ecole-Nationale-Supérieure des-Beaux Arts-de-Paris France (ENSBA).

2002 - 2003 École Préparatoire des Beaux-Arts Glacière - Paris France.

1998 - 2001 Bac technique à l école Sornas - Paris High school Lycée Français à Caracas - Venezuela.




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